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Sellers can exclude locations (or not include them for shipping) on a listing by listing basis.

I can see that Canada is explicitly included on the last, but not on the one you had an issue with; is your shipping address in Canada ?

If it were me, I'd ask the seller if they did (perhaps inadvertently) exclude your shipping address. They may also have chosen to do so due to the value they perceived that item to have, but were willing to take the risk with those they regarded as less valuable. Sellers are responsible for the item right up to the point that it is delivered to you, and if it doesn't get delivered they have to refund both the item cost and the shipping cost. There are undoubtedly greater risks and higher postal costs involved with sending things internationally, so I understand why sellers are wary of doing so. The cost of insurance can also be significantly higher (or, indeed, sometimes impossible to obtain) for international shipments.

One option some buyers consider is obtaining a shipping address in the region they wish to purchase. There are companies that sell forwarding addresses that you can use for online purchases. I usually advise buyers to set up separate Ebay Ids and associated Gixen accounts if they pursue that option.
PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2024 10:02 pm    Post subject: SHIPPING ADDRESS COUNTRY RESTRICTED message

I tried to make a bid and I received the message \"SHIPPING ADDRESS COUNTRY RESTRICTED\" when bidding on item 386650002336.

However, I made other bids with the same seller, and my bids went through. Item numbers are:

This seller does indeed ship to both Canada and US.

Anyone know what I need to do to address this?


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