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Are you aware that Gixen credentials are entirely separate from Ebay ones ?

So, changing your Ebay password doesn't change anything with respect to your Gixen credentials, indeed for security it is advisable to not use similar ones. Of course, since Gixen doesn't know your Ebay password, there's no way to enforce that though.

What changing your Ebay credentials does do is invalidate the authorisation that you gave Gixen to bid on your behalf on the Ebay site. That can be restored using the second section of the Settings page, once you are able to log in.

If you have indeed managed to invalidate your Gixen credentials, perhaps by entering the wrong ones too many times, and you can't get the system to get an email into your Inbox, after having checked your Spam filters etc., then you can contact Mario direct via email at the support address given on the Contact page. In all such communication please provide your Gixen id (not your Ebay one).

Does anything 'turn up' using the form to retrieve registered Gixen ids ?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2023 1:47 pm    Post subject: Login

I updated my eBay password ‘ now I’m locked out of my Gixen account. I have tried to reset my password & it says it will send me a link to verify via my email acct but nothing ever turns up.
I’m really frustrated, I have a paid subscription that I can’t access. Can someone please help?

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