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Your ebay password is not strong enough, and in 20% of logins ebay prompts you to change it. This is a problem for Gixen, because it disrupts normal flow.

Try to login/logout to ebay 5-10 times and you will get it yourself. Or simply change your ebay password to something stronger and spare yourself some grief.
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No that's a new one for me... does it perhaps have anything to do with this other topic:
PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 11:00 am    Post subject: Bid Error - Item number: 260176900720

Item number: 260176900720
hydroponics bubble bags

Gixen Error: Password not strong enough, could not log in

The password is correct, I have just loged into eBay & Gixen.

I have won many auction in the past nexer seen this error.. Sad


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