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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2023 2:25 am    Post subject: Snipe analytics

I've just signed up to Mirror after using the free version for a while and am a big fan of Gixen, thank you. Hopefully I can be of the slightest bit useful now in suggesting ideas.

My suggestion is for some simple analytics on the snipes a user has pending or completed. I'm currently copying the data into Excel to find this information out but it would be great if it was easily visible on Gixen.

Pending snipes

- Sum of all live pending snipe maximum bids. Useful to know the upper bound on your total liability should you win every snipe.

- Perhaps some simple information on when the snipes are coming up (e.g. average duration until auction end, or number of snipes coming up in the next 48 hrs).

Completed snipes

- % snipes won
- average winning price % under maximum bid
- Potentially many more statistics, but I want to keep my suggestion simple, and I think these would be the most useful

Thanks again!

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