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Well, firstly the auction price that you see is rarely the high bid that has been placed, which you don't see until it is outbid.

Gixen places the bid, that you specify, in the last few seconds of the auction.

The way that Ebay works you only ever have to pay at most one bid increment more than the next highest bidder. This is why it's safe to schedule your snipe at the highest amount you are willing to pay without the passibility that you would have to pay that much if no-one else is prepared to bid anything close to that amount.

In the specific case you mention, if you are the only bidder then you would indeed win the auction at the starting price, and no one other than you would ever know what your high bid actually was.
PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2021 5:15 am    Post subject: bid for an item without any bids using gixen

could you help please? 1st time gixen user
an item with a starting bid of ÂGBP 150 has had no bids, i've set gixen up to bid for me before the auction end a maximum bid of ÂGBP 1020, if it attracts no other bids will gixen bid ÂGBP 1020 and i be liable for that amount if they are no other bids?

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