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This is not likely to be implemented by Gixen for the following two reasons (and perhaps others):

1. This information is readily available. A quick google search on "ebay bid increments uk" will get you what you're asking for.

2. Knowing what the bid increment is less useful than it appears to be. While it's true that the winning price is almost always a bid increment more than the next highest bid, the actual bid made by the winning bidder is almost always substantially higher than the winning price.

In other words, knowing the amount of the bid increment is nearly always unhelpful since it tells you nothing about how much the current high bidder has bid (or how high bidders who haven't yet bid will bid).
PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:50 am    Post subject: Bid increment calculator

Hey Mario

A really useful feature would be a bid increment calculator which would tell you the bid increment for the maximum snipe value entered. Other people might have memorised the brackets, but I always forget them! Sometimes it’s the pennies that count in a winning snipe.

It would need to work internationally for me though: I mean the GBP bid increments - not USD.

This could be a paid member-only feature!


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