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Ian ed
PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:53 pm    Post subject: Gixen Reliability ...

Just received an email on Gixen's reliability from Mario (Gixen support). I already subscribe to the premium service, and would just like to confirm to any other users how reliable I’ve found it, and how it’s taken the stress out of bidding. I bid on hundreds of UK eBay items a year (several times a week) – and use Gixen all the time for last minute snipe bids. I initially used the free service, and as a precaution I used to manually bid at the same time. After 6 months I signed up for the premium service, a bargain at $6 per year, relative to my ~ÂGBP 2,000 annual spend on eBay. With the extra resilience of the premium mirror bid service, I now have 100% confidence in the service. I no longer manually bid, and just wait to see if I’ve been successful on each bid. I used to forget to bid, because I was traveling, distracted or just plain forgot items on my watch list – but now I just set up everything in advance on Gixen. I win many of the bids and in the vast majority of cases, even if my bid isn’t the winning one, it’s someone else using Gixen, or a similar service who just pips me to the winning bid. Never had a failed bid, and as I mentioned above, it makes competitive bidding on eBay a much less stressful experience. Thanks for providing such a great service.

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