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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:55 pm    Post subject: new to eBay and GIxen

I am completely new to eBay and therefore to Gixen.
There was a product I wanted to buy that is discontinued so buying used was the only option.

I followed a couple auctions on eBay and did bid once but lost. Didn't understand the bidding process. With a little research I realized the common sense concept that I needed to bid as late as possible, and needed to enter my max bid amount then. All good except the auction I was presently following was going to close while I was at work and possibly not able to bid in the last few minutes.

In my research I came across the term sniping and while I had some security concerns and also some purchasing concerns as I didn't see a big future eBay history for me, Gixen seemed to be the answer.

Later that day as the auction closed I was in my office trying to follow it but had to leave...When I could check later I found out I had won!

Thanks. Gixen is awesome. Very Happy

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