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Submitting a snipe takes some time, and it takes time to cancel snipes in-flight. Hence 2 minutes. With the latest changes I could possibly reduce that, but some interval will always be needed. E.g. it takes 10-15 seconds after auction ends to check user hasn't been outsniped.

Gixen will only know that an auction has been won only if it wins it itself. So if you have snipes in a group - do not bid manually.
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Yes you are correct once an auction is won the rest of the bid group is cancelled.

The 2min thing is so you don't end up winning more than one item hence the two minute, to ensure there are not pending snipes

I don't know what happens if manually bid assume if it's in your snipe list will cancel if won as will just bid according to the offset if the snipe

I am sure if I am wrong someone will correct me

PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:20 am    Post subject: Snipe groups

So I have my eye on a couple items on eBay but I just want one of them (they are all pretty similar).

From what I understood, as long as the auctions are more than 2 min apart from each other, I can place all snipes on a group and after one of them is won the remaining won't be executed, is this right?

Also, why do snipes deleted 2 min before the auction ends might still be executed?

Also, also, can I manual bid on the item that is less than 2 min apart while gixen bids on the others?

(Sorry for my broken English, I'm not a native speaker)

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