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Also, PayPal will send you a notice that a recurring subscription payment is going to be made approximately 7 to 10 days before the transaction will be done, giving you the option of modifying or canceling the payment in advance. (At least that's the way it worked with other things I have had on subscription.)

If you want to continue your subscription it's important to pay attention to that e-mail. It only happens once a year - or even two years depending on what you signed up for. In the interim if you have canceled the credit card you originally assigned to your gixen subscription or had an account number change on the card etc. you will need to update the subscription at PayPal and select a new, working credit card number.

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Recurring subscription works by paypal automatically making a payment on set interval. Gixen cannot "request" payment, it's rather paypal that makes a payment automatically, and Gixen then only receives a notification.

You will not lose history ever, but you can see it only when having a mirror subscription.
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Gixen is fantastic but I delayed renewing my subscription because I was unsure how the recurring system works. I try to avoid having my card details on lots of websites for fear of them being hacked. How exactly does the recurring system work?
I assume in this case its done via Paypal and by authorizing a recurring subscription all i am doing is giving permission for you to automatically request a payment from PayPal when its due.
If I change my Paypal email do I need to remember to advise you?

If my subscription lapses for a short period do I loose my gixen history?

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