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I’m such a naturally skeptic person and I used this for the first auction I’ve ever participated in on eBay. I bought the mirror cuz it’s cheap and so reliable. It worked to perfection. I set my high bid I was willing to pay $140 bucks higher than the item was currently bid for, I ended up getting item for $100 less than I thought I’d have to pay. Absolutely boggled my mind to read those that complain about the free service has ads. So pay the measley 6 bucks and quit being so entitled. It’s so worth it! Many thanks for Gixen and Mario for
Helping me get that must have item. I will continue to subscribe to given mirror even if I rarely partake in eBay auctions cuz it works perfect!
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:42 pm    Post subject: Gixen is just the GREATEST !

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Just want to say thank you. I've been using gixen for over a year now and although I have lost a few, I win most. I'm just so excited about the great deal I just won over 18 other bidders! I'm sure someone would have bid over me if they had known I was there, but Gixen kept my interest secret until the final moment of the auction. I'm going to take the time and register with that review site to sing my praises, as its the least I can do for all my success with Gixen. I hope you're around for many, many years to come. Thanks again!!!

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