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And that FAQ button up there? Click on it please.
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You maximise your chances by making sure the snipe amount you enter really is the maximum you are willing to pay.

Other than that the only other tip I would promote is to snipe at odd amounts just above rational figures... so 50.01, not 49.99.

The other settings, like Offset are really just there for you to use what works best for you. I tend to go for larger offsets since I often bid on items that have many snipers... many others think they should bid a bit later than the default of 6 seconds... and I'm sure that does work well when there are not others placing placing bids, either automatically, via a service like this, or manually directly on Ebay. Things like this are options precisely because there isn't an ideal setting for them that works best in all scenarios, hence the choice being given.

If you are not sure what any of the options on the page you get after pushing the 'Settings' button do, you probably wouldn't benefit from using them anyway, so best to ignore those, at least until you've used the service for a while.
PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:55 am    Post subject: New Subscriber

Hi all, recently subscribed today though have used Gixen a few times before now. I'm still not 100% about the settings I should have to maximise chances of winning bids, but hopefully I'll pick it up as I go along... Laughing

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