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There is almost no information Gixen has that eBay doesn't already. The flow of information is going both ways and there is pretty much no way to use Gixen and keep this activity hidden from eBay. In reality, the only piece of information that eBay did not automatically have in the past is where you access Gixen from (e.g. your IP address), and this is now provided back to eBay.

You cannot opt out; all you can do is choose not to use Gixen.
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From the Gixen Terms of Service page,

Mario wrote:
I will never distribute any of the personal information gathered, to any third party, except eBay and law enforcement if requested. Your eBay's username and password are required only to place a bid on an auction site, and your password is deleted from the system 48 hours after your bid is placed. I do not use your eBay account for any purpose other than placing a bid for you.

I should add that this is actually out of date: Gixen no longer requires your eBay password (just your eBay username).

What information do believe is being shared that you don't wish to be shared?
PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:03 pm    Post subject: Opt out

How do I opt out of my info being shared?

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