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No, I didn't interfere by any other means. I used Gixen exclusively — hands off. (This is why I use Gixen, so i can do other things)
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I looked at this, and the first one has status "bid under asking price", not won. Was it won by manual bid, or some other service? Gixen will recognize status as won only if it wins it itself.
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I sent that email.
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No. There were a couple of hours inbetween.
See screenshot here: hxxp:// (sorry, can neither hotlink or embed because of spam filter)

I won both as 'won' marked auctions. None of them was detected as such by Gixen.

I can provide details via pm or email.
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Grouped snipes are not Mirrored. Therefore it is impossible for the scenario to be that the Mirror bids and blocks the Main resulting in a 'BID UNDER ASKING PRICE' on the Main server.

You do however also misunderstand what the Mirror does for you. It is completely independent, therefore when you have set a larger offset on Mirror it will win in almost all cases. Only when there is a failure on the Mirror will the Main bid still be able to be placed. But, as I said, that only applies to normal snipes... grouped ones are never Mirrored due to the difficulty of having two servers be totally independent (and thus not have to send messages between one another while sniping), when snipes are also related to one another.

The most likely scenario, for what you describe is Grouping two snipes that end within 2 minutes of one another, then winning the first does not guarantee the cancellation of the second as, by the time of the win, the second is already in flight. There are clear warnings on the snipes page not to do this. If you choose to do so it is at your own risk, of winning more than one of the items in the group.

If the above does not provide an explanation as to what happened, and you do not wish to put the auction numbers on this Forum, the please email them direct to Mario, at the support address given on the 'Contact' tab above, and please also provide your Ebay id in that email.
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PS (because i can't edit my original post as a guest)

To clarify: My bidding offset was at 3 for main, and at 6 for the mirror.
My reasoning for this was: Use an agressive offset when everything is up to speed, but be more conservative if there is some outrage.

I used the more agrresive offset because I made the experience that I failed some auctions because some people upped their bid after I fired mine. I might have failed those auctions anyhow, because if they were bidding more than me they might have done so regardless of my bid. But I wanted to give them less time to react. (Back when I still wasted my time by sitting through auctions I made sure to place my bet in the final 3-5 seconds.)

Can send item id via email/pm if needed.
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Oh my. You should really put in checks against this. PLEASE. I just bought two Laptops instead of one because of this — I thought the mirror server would only fire if the main one was offline or couldn't reach Ebay. I feel stupid now, but this is a lot of a hassle to deal with. Originally I subscribed to Gixen to save me some hassle.
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Bossman, what is the item id? Let me check if something is out of order.
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Mine is doing the same thing. It's never done that before and I've won a lot of auctions.
PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:36 am    Post subject:

That is quite common (and expected) if you have a a Mirror subscription and the Mirror wins the auction.

This is because Ebay won't allow the same account to place the same bid at different times, they put up a page saying you need to bid more than you have already bid, hence 'BID UNDER ASKING PRICE', which might seem like an odd failure but does reflect what has happened.

So, do you have a Mirror subscription, and if so, have you looked on the Mirror tab?
PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:46 am    Post subject: I won, but GIXEN says the bid was under the asking price

I won an auction that I had asked GIXEN to bid on, but in GIXEN it says that the bid was under the asking price. It's not really a problem for me, I won after all, but it's confusing that GIXEN doesn't report it as a win.

Here's a screenshot:

The item was #262702032636

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