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PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2016 2:58 am    Post subject:

You wouldn't be implying that British people, like me, are tight, would you ? Shocked

Or maybe you are just suggesting that we are just a little more careful with our money ? Laughing

Or perhaps even just a little poorer ? Embarassed

Most likely, I'm sure, you just mean sensible ? Very Happy
PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:47 am    Post subject: AUCTION ENDED EARLY

What bothered me the most is that it was one of those 99 cents auctions, then they dropped it and relisted it for a BUY IT NOW price of $27.. well no one has bought it so they shot themselves down. but you are right.. its their stuff and my money. The twain shall never meet ( You being Britt, you probably got that ) :lol:252607652626
PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:34 am    Post subject:

A seller is not obliged to sell an item, under Ebay rules, until the auction has ended normally, or they end it in favour of the highest bidder.

Even then, in practical terms, if the seller refuses payment, it is impossible to make them sell the item to you.. Ebay do not tend to take any action against a seller even in these circumstances.

You may be right that it could be less likely that a seller will cancel an auction once they know there is at least some interest in it, via a bid having been placed. However there is no guarantee of that, and it is just as likely that they will know there is interest from seeing how many are watching the item as opposed to actually bidding on it.

Yes, you can only push the price up by bidding against yourself if you use different Ebay accounts, using the same account with multiple bids doesn't increase the price until someone else bids against you. It does increase the likelihood that others will bid against you, if you bid multiple times early in the auction.
PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 4:34 pm    Post subject: auction ends early

I thought that once someone had placed a bid on an ebay item then the seller was obligated to sell that item.My item had been listed with GIXEN, but I did not check back in to see that the orignal listing had been aborted and when they relistd it as a BUY IT NOW item before the sale was to end. I suppose that is their right, but if I had manually placed a $2.00 bid on the item and a $29 bid through GIXEN, wouldn't my winning price be the highest of the numbers? I would have to pay the GIXEN entry instead of the manually entered Ebay price. That happend to me before when I had more than one ebay account and I found myself bidding against myself.nevertheless, me being the spiteful person that i am I have no intention of doing a BUY IT NOW offer , especially when no one had bought it, sellers should be consistent and not jump around, they lose customers. if you list as an auction , do not switch to a BUY IT NOW scheme.Strangely enough the seller first offered it to me for $30, but I declined, then I listed it with GIXEN at around $27 which is what they are now asking for, strange,, but still I wont buy it.
PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:41 pm    Post subject:

A gixen bid will still be done, provided the gixen bid amount is higher than any proxy bid you place directly at eBay. However, I believe you have a mistaken impression that placing a bid somehow prevents a seller from ending an auction early, canceling a completed auction, or relisting an item. I've seen it happen time and again when a seller, apparently, wasn't happy with the bidding results and the item suddenly becomes "no longer available" - yet it gets relisted in a matter of minutes.

Whether that's a violation of eBay's TOS is another matter. You can file a complaint - but apparently you can't prevent things like this from happening either.
PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:00 pm    Post subject: auction ended early

252607652626 I had placed a snipe on this item but now I see that the item had been ended and the bastards who listed it have raised their price. I was tempted to bid at least one dollar on the item manually to make sure that they could not cancel it, but apparently I did not want to tip my hand and draw notice to it. If I want to guarantee that a seller will not be able to relist an item if it has at least one bid on it, can it be done manually or will my Gixen snipe be canceled if i place a manual bid?

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