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I don't think there is any auto renewal... you just don't pay again if you don't wish to retain the Mirror service.

If you mean a refund... then you would need to contact Mario direct via email, at the address provided on the 'Contact' tab above.

I personally have had no snipe failures during that time... and I use it a lot... either the Mirror or the Main has always been operative whenever my snipes have been due... even when the Main site appeared inaccessible.
PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:32 am    Post subject: Poor

The last 5x I tried to use Gixen, 3 didn't work (over a few month span) - and I don't mean I was outbid. The site was either down or exhibiting problems. It's become too unreliable to use.
How do I stop the auto renewal fee?

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