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I recommend that you read the FAQ tab above.

Sniping is entering the bid just seconds before the end of the auction, by default with Gixen that will be about 6 seconds before the end.

The way that Ebay bidding works, you only ever have to pay, at most, one bid increment more than the next highest bidder was prepared to bid.

This does not, however, mean that you will only ever pay one bid increment more than the price you see just before your bid is placed... The true amount that the highest bidder entered as their bid might be much higher than you are seeing. Ebay only displays the amount other bidders would have to pay if no more bids are placed, which, as I said, is one bid increment more than the next highest bidder.
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I have put in a bid for an item using Gixen
The item has 22 hours to run
The present bid is ÂGBP 80
I have put in a bid of ÂGBP 120
So what happens now?
When does my bid go in?
What if the highest bid is only ÂGBP 90 a second before ending will I only pay the next increment up say ÂGBP 95?
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Hello. You do not have to 'submit' anything (else) once you have scheduled an item and entered the amount you want Gixen to bid on your behalf. (Don't feel bad, this really is NOT obvious.....) The Gixen server, and/or the Gixen Mirror server, use your bidder ID and the amount you assigned to the item, at the 'offset time(s)' you selected, to enter your bid into EBay. (If using Mirror, you can select each 'offset time' in seconds measured back from the auction close). This happens whenever the bid is scheduled by EBay to close, without you having to do anything else.

NOTE that the bid amount YOU enter in Gixen is what Gixen sends to EBay; at the very end of the auction -- there is NEVER any 'dickering' or 'dithering' or raising of bid amounts back and forth between EBay and Gixen.

It is EBAY's server which sorts out --at the end of the auction -- what bids have been received, which ones are valid (sellers can deny bids from ship-to areas, feedback amounts, etc. etc.), whether the reserve (if any) has been met, and then EBAY declares the highest VALID bidder the winner, and EBAY tells the highest VALID bidder how much to pay the seller to complete the auction.

NOTE FURTHER if you are declared the highest VALID bidder, EBAY tells you to pay ONLY one bid increment higher than the next higher VALID bidder -- or the reserve amount if you were the only one higher than the reserve. The amount you are told to pay is often NOT the total amount you entered in Gixen.....(or directly in EBay, for that matter, either.....) -- it is often less than that amount.

To summarize: the amount you enter in Gixen WILL be bid by Gixen, in your name, seconds before the auction closes. This is the essence of sniping. It is all the other dynamics on EBAY's end that determine the winner and the final amount that will get paid. Gixen NEVER monitors the interim bidding while the auction is open (other than to occasionally update the 'current amount bid' for info purposes only), and NEVER raises or lowers the amount you set.....this single fact keeps the system practical and working, but is very hard for many people to follow because of the complexities of the EBay system.....

Regards, and happy Ebaying. trnbob
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Could you tell me how to use gixen?I logged in, scheduled some bids...what do I do next? Next step?

I do not see any 'SUBMIT' button.

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