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Yes, by default Gixen will switch to whatever site is needed (specifics can be controlled from the settings page, but it's probably best not to change defaults unless you understand what this is for).

In a nutshell, if you can add it to Gixen, Gixen will bid on it.
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Hello, just wondering, will gixen work for items that -cannot- be viewed on

I am looking at an item:

I can see it on, and I am able to bid. I have placed a bid just to make sure. But if I can't see it on, does that mean gixen won't work?

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thanks for the clarification. . . very useful! i am looking forward to trying it out now. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
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ebay is one & only, the only difference between,,, etc. is the localization - you can see your item through any of these sites. Gixen always accesses ebay through, but this doesn't matter really.

Currency used is always the one in which auction is listed.
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Does this work if I am trying to buy on if so, is the amount i enter in pounds sterling? thanks for all the great work that has gone into this great website.

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